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Try out social profession abroad

 Intercultural competencies and experiences are becoming more and more important in professional life. In particular, occupations in the social and health care require more than a high level of expertise. There is a demand of persons who can respond to different people and their needs.

Internships abroad are common at universities, however, the number of trainees with international experience is still low. People who are interested in working abroad often face the challenges of finding an internship and being able to finance their stay.

The EU has launched mobility programs such as "Erasmus + - Mobility in VET" in order to provide more trainees valuable experience abroad. We award scholarships to prospective educators, geriatric nurses, physiotherapists and all other trainees in social and health professions who want to undertake the adventure abroad internship with the help of this program.

The aim of the internships is to get to know the working world and culture as well as the lifestyle of the host country. Such experiences not only increase the technical know-how, but also contribute significantly to personal development.

In 2018 and 2019, we are planning stays in Vienna and Barcelona. We will be awarding up to 40 internships in total in this two years. The duration of an internship can be from two weeks up to one year.

We are already collaborating with several vocational schools in Thuringia to match interested trainees and companies abroad. Trainees who are looking for an internship independently of their school can also get support in the implementation of the internship.

Who can participate and what are the requirements?

Applicants should be open to other culture and lifestyle and like to get to know another working world. Furthermore they have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • be at least 18 years old at the beginning of the internship
  • doing an vocational training in the social and health care sector or having finished it no longer than one year ago
  • currently doing or completing the vocational training in Thuringia

What services do trainees receive?

  • arrangement of the internship in social and health care
  • assistance with travel planning and accommodation search
  • preparation of the internship
  • travel allowance depending on the destination
  • financial support for accommodation and living (day rate)
  • Europass Mobility as documentation of the internship

Not included are:

  • health, liability and accident insurance (obligatory, proof required)
  • travel cancellation insurance (optional)
  • pocket money for leisure time (individual)


Applicants send their application documents (letter of motivation and curriculum vitae) by e-mail. The project team looks for a suitable traineeship and coordinates the date as well as the tasks with company.

If all organizational matters are clarified, the trainee, the internship and the project team will sign a contract. The trainees get 70% of the total funding afterwards and before the beginning of the stay.  The remaining 30% will be paid after the internship. The submission of an online report is required after the return.

The project team will create the Europass Mobility together with the hosting company. This document is the proof of residence and experience in the host company.


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